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Bitcoin is the new digital gold. It is stronger than physical gold. Its value cannot be manipulated.

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FAQ & Tips

Which e-wallet should I use ?

There are numerous sites offering you to open an e-wallet, on PC or mobile.

You can find on this site a list per country.

Do you have a referral program ?

Yes. Share the link below (replace "your_address" with your actual bitcoin address)


or copy the link that appears after you claimed your coins on this page

I do not receive my Bitcoin after claiming

Please check you have reach the minimum bitcoin balance. There is a threshold before we can transfer due to fees absorb.

You can check your balance here.

If you still have issues, please contact us by email

Why should I have Bitcoin ?

Bitcoin is the most powerful digital money, and its value gradually increases.

More and more countries accept it as a mean of payment.

Let s say you earn today for free 0.1 bitcoin, you have a purchasing power of 7USD at this time. Next year, you can expect to double it, and so on. You can consider bitcoin as an investment and passive income.

Why Bitcoin is best for passive income ?

A passive income allows you to receive regular revenue, but it must be with the least efforts.

There are many ways to generate a passive revenue, such as investing in property and rent it, investment in stocks and receive the dividend, etc.. However such income requires a huge initial investment.

Bitcoin allows you to invest, or micro-invest, with an initial investment relatively low. Furthermore, you will have no bank restrictions

The number of sites that can you help you generate a bitcoin passive income is growing, but be aware that you will find many scams based on ponzi scheme.

Carefully review and research before invest on High Yields Program (HYIP) that promise very high returns.

How can I invest my Bitcoin ?

Only invest what you can afford to loose !

We do not recommend to invest in HYIP program as they are all scams.

The best way to quickly increase your gains is using websites like online casino, dice, etc... or invest them into serious program.

What is the value of Bitcoin ?

You can check the past and current value here.


Note that Bitcoin is outperforming physical gold, and this is why Bitcoin is known as the "Digital Gold"

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